Morning report

* The “Fox & Friends” crew point out that it’s the most depressing day of the year. ( | “The theory of Blue Monday dates back to 2005.” (
* Andy Borowitz: “Fox News to shut down for routine maintenance Monday morning at 11:30.” (
* Notre Dame student newspaper editor apologizes for being taken in by the Te’o girlfriend hoax. (
* Te’o’s father confirms he was the source for South Bend Tribune’s story about a face-to-face “girlfriend” meeting. (
* Te’o tall tale “a massive failure of reporting, a de-pantsing of sports journalism.” ( | (
* Newspapers make creative use of office space — and try to make some money doing it. (
* Reader submission: “Satirical New Orleans carnival krewe uses Day of the Dead iconography on float about newspapers, including The Times-Picayune.” (
* Times-Picayune wins a prestigious award for a series that was produced by many journalists who’ve been laid off. (
* Should journalists donate time and money to causes? (
* Today’s publishing industry: “Authors must be willing to offset some costs associated with production and most importantly Public Relations.” (
* I understand what happened here, Star Tribune; I’m still writing 2012 on my checks. (
* Oops: Chicago Sun-Times tells readers to watch for “exclusive” Presidential Inauguration coverage on February 22. (
* Syracuse Media Group floor plan aims to encourage collaboration. (
* Lenore Skenazy: “Now it turns out that blathering is the web’s greatest strength.” (
* “I had no right to start a print publication when I was 21,” says Jacobin magazine’s Bhaskar Sunkara. (
* Meredith lays off 60 as it shifts resources toward digital strategies. (