Morning report

* Virginia Wheeler, a journalist at Murdoch’s Sun tabloid, is charged in a bribery probe. (
* About 28 million viewers watched Oprah’s Lance Armstrong interview. (
* Donald Trump’s interest in buying NYT may be publicity, but he consulted credible people about it, reports Joe Hagan. (joehagansay) | (

Don't worry, Huffington Post, it'll never happen.

Don’t worry, Huffington Post, it’ll never happen.

* Many Reuters journalists won’t receive raises in 2013. (
* An ESPN exec says after being scooped by Deadspin on the Te’o story: “I wonder sometimes if perfection is the enemy of the practical.” (
* iPads replace newspapers in Boston Globe’s school donation program. (
* Why a D.C. publicist is suing Mediabistro’s FishbowlDC. (
* Cable networks’ inauguration coverage gets the Jon Stewart Treatment. (
* New times call for a new home for Gannett’s newspaper in Rochester, says publisher. (