Cox Media Group’s new website dubbed a ‘conservative Huffington Post’

Cox Media Group — publisher of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Austin American-Statesman and many other media properties, is launching a conservative website called Rare. (“Red is the center,” is the tagline.)
Creative Loafing Atlanta was slipped documents that reveal work on the site began after Cox research showed “an unmet need for conservative news and conservative lifestyle content aggregation.” It found that “the range of desired conservative news, opinion and lifestyle content is more diverse than what is presently offered in-market.”

The document continues:

To the degree that the public perception of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and some other Cox papers across the nation continues to be inaccurate (“liberal” rather than “balanced”), the Working Group recommends Rare be largely associated with existing Cox conservative properties. A separate plan to develop cross-portfolio relationships is underway and will be presented by February 2013.

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