Boston Globe considers stand-alone digital subscription to Ideas section

ideasA Romenesko reader sent the above screenshot of a Boston Globe survey.ideaslogo The paper’s Ideas section was launched in 2002. Founding editor Alex Star described its mission this way in 2003: “The section is trying to provide depth and perspective on important issues by trying to get the insights of academics and people who think on a conceptual level, not just the level of, ‘What happened?’ — as important as that is.” (Ideas editor Stephen Heuser says the decade-old description “still gets at the identity of Ideas.”) I’ve asked a Globe spokeswoman for more information about the Ideas subscription plans.

UPDATE: Boston Globe spokeswoman Ellen Clegg writes:

We know that the Ideas section appeals to readers nationally and internationally who might be unlikely to subscribe to the Boston Globe as a whole. So we’ve posted an online survey to explore the concept of whether a different subscription model for Ideas alone would be of interest. The survey is designed to gather more information; we haven’t made a decision on whether to move ahead with this project.

Ellen Clegg, executive director of communications, The Boston Globe

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