Morning report

coffee* NYT staffer: “Over the next couple of months, the number of newsroom editors currently on the NYT masthead will shrink by at least half.” (@ssstrom)
* Jake Tapper says his CNN bosses “don’t want me to be Ron Burgundy.” (
* Matt Bors cartoon skewers Gatehouse for yanking coffee service. ( | Earlier: Gatehouse papers change coffee policy. (
* Iranian journalist: What I remember from the newsroom in Tehran the night of Jan. 16, 1979. (
* Facebook is already trying to break Twitter’s new toy. ( | Should TV take notice of Twitter’s Vine? (
* Ken Doctor: The only bright spot in Tribune newspapers’ financials is the sale price. (
* Huffington Post is “frustrated” by “the relentless coverage of disaster, tragedy and scandal.” Isn’t that its content? (
* Stop the presses! Andrew Ross Sorkin is seen wearing a funny hat! (@jyarow)
* Nikki Finke blows the whistle on her parent company’s downsizing plans. (