Texas newspapers: From ba-a-a-ad to worse?

Griffin Smith Jr.’s 1974 “Texas Newspapers: Ba-a-a-ad” cover story declared that the Lone Star State’s journalism “is, on the whole, strikingly weak and ineffectual.”

Wait a minute, says Texas Tribune editor-in-chief and former Texas Monthly editor Evan Smith.

The seventies wasn’t a golden era for the news business in Texas? From here it certainly looks like one. …There were more reporters and editors on the staffs of the big-city papers in those days, and they had more experience and more institutional memory than the current crop. And of course, papers were fatter then. More pages meant more of a “news hole.” These days the paper that hits your doorstep isn’t quite as thin as a takeout menu, but it’s not far off.

* The walking deadline (texasmonthly.com)