Daily Archives: January 26, 2013

* The PGA will pull the credentials of golf writers who violate its rule prohibiting “real-time, play-by-play transmission in digital outlets.” (
ncr* Kansas City bishop Robert Finn is frustrated by the National Catholic Reporter. ( | Finn discusses “the problematic nature” of the paper he insists isn’t “Catholic.” ( | Earlier: Finn fails to report child abuse. (
* Why it’s hard for Trump, or anyone, to buy the New York Times. (
* Vinepeek — with its six-second videos — is “the most addictive new site on the Internet.” ( | (
* Andrew Sullivan’s collected $480,000 in subscriptions so far. (
* Baton Rouge Advocate is in talks with a potential buyer. (
* Chicago Sun-Times union complains that “four desks with four computers are being squeezed into a space that used to be occupied by two desks.” (
* Tonight’s Sundance Film Festival Awards Ceremony is being livestreamed. It starts at 9 p.m. ET. (
* What critics are saying about the Steve Jobs biopic that premiered at Sundance. (
bk* Brandie Kessler’s feature on mourners stopping at Burger King in honor of the deceased wins the story-of-the-day award. (
* Domain-grabbers are betting that Gabriel Sherman’s Roger Ailes biography will be big. (
* Deleted comment: “Lee Enterprises will not be getting another dime out of me.” (Casper Star-Tribune/cached)