Morning report

* Barnes & Noble plans to close 30% of its retail stores over next decade. (Reuters via
* The NYT wedding announcement that everybody loves. ( | Even Gawker. (
* Oral history of Deadspin; how the sports site made the big leagues. (
* Reading the “new” New Republic. ( | Getting The New Republic back in the game will be “a daunting task,” says Dan Kennedy. (
copy* Nine things good copy editors do. (
* “Gone are the days of the cachet of ‘I have a TV in my [dorm] room.’ Students now have mobile devices instead.” (
* Newspaper reality show producers have now received over 150 casting-call responses. ( | Earlier: Over 70 papers show interest. (
* Ten TV shows about journalism and media that are worth watching. (
* NPR hears from listeners upset that Elliott Abrams was allowed to call Chuck Hagel “anti-Semitic” without giving proof. (
* Alan Mutter: “Newspapers tend to blow valuable column inches on the details of events that everyone already has seen on television.” (
* Surprise, surprise! Porn is popping up on Twitter’s Vine. ( | (
* Design school’s viral video of an eagle grabbing a baby is bringing in scholarship money. (
* Chicago Public Radio to listeners: Make more babies so we’ll have an audience in the future. (
* Man, 93, is still delivering newspapers from his scooter. (