How the York Daily Record got its one-last-Whopper story

bk“Oh, no! The funeral procession is headed toward Burger King! Somebody call the newspaper!”

Is that how York Daily Record reporter Brandie Kessler and photographer Jason Plotkin learned about mourners stopping by the fast-food chain to honor the deceased with a meal of Whoppers?

Not quite, I found out.

“I came to The York Daily Record at the beginning of December after six years with a sister paper, The Mercury, in Pottstown,” says Kessler. “While I’m still learning my way around York, the folks here have great contacts with their sources. My colleague, Mike Argento, got the tip about this BK story from the funeral home. I was working Saturday, so I got the assignment.”

Her piece quickly went viral. “Traffic-wise, the story is still in the top spot on our website today. The editors tell me it’s very unusual for a story to remain in the top spot three days after it was published online.”

She adds:

A lot of the traffic has come from links across the Web.mourn However, some places (like the Daily Mail) have re-written our story so thoroughly that even though a link is noted at the bottom of the page, there’s no reason for a reader to click through.

I’ve seen the story under strange/weird news on a few websites, but I think that’s a bit of a misnomer. When you read the story you see it’s about love. Linda Phiel [shown holding a bag of burgers] wanted to honor her dad in a fun way. I think she did just that.

* Funeral procession stops by BK drive-through for one last Whopper (