Morning report

-- Cutline in the Cleveland Heights Sun Press

— Caption in the Cleveland Heights Sun Press

* “Yes, that’s a goof that will appeal only to the most immature of readers.” (
* Feds investigate whether media companies facilitate insider trading on Wall Street. (
* New York Times invites entrepreneurs to its headquarters “to refine and grow their businesses.” (
* Chris Cuomo is expected to leave ABC News for CNN. (
* Mark Whitaker steps down as CNN managing editor. (
* Claim: Steve Kroft’s Obama interviews diminish his standing and the reputation of “60 Minutes.” (
* Most of Ohio’s congressional delegation ignore college students’ four questions about guns. (
* Mark Cuban and Larry King discuss the future of Internet TV. (
* Most Americans surf the web while watching TV, according to study. (
* New Orleans businessman expresses interest in Baton Rouge Advocate. (
* BuzzFeed typically charges around $100,000 for four or five pieces of branded content. (
* “Smear sheet” runs hilariously inaccurate piece about New Republic’s new owner. (
* Sports Information Department does its best to put a positive spin on its team’s 42-25 loss. (
* Maybe it’s time for CBS to rethink its interest in CNET. (
* Ad Age managing editor is convinced the New York Times has an “editor-in-trolling.” (