Afternoon report

* Jeffrey Goldberg is “quite possibly Washington’s most polarizing journalist.” (
pennies* Facebook made about two cents per user last month. ( | Facebook earnings live-blog. (
* Los Angeles Times reader Trent Sanders has had 54 letters published in the paper since 1985. (
* New York Times declines to name a company (Get Your Shit Together) with a “vulgar” name. ( | (
* Jacques Steinberg joins “Say Yes to Education” after taking the New York Times’ buyout. (
* What will animal shelters do when we live in an all-digital world? (
* Matt Buchanan resigns as BuzzFeed tech editor to join The New Yorker. (
* Andrew Sullivan has collected over $500,000 in pre-subscriptions. (
* The Atlantic puts out new advertising and sponsored content guidelines. (
* Enough already with the “hyperconnected world” references, Thomas Friedman! (