AOL Sporting News criticized for Sandusky URL ‘exploitation’

AOL Sporting News is being criticized for putting jerry-sandusky in the URL of a story about Penn State hockey. Onward State managing editor Kevin Horne calls it “a seemingly shallow move … to improve the Search Engine Optimization of the website while taking advantage of a common search term.”’s David Rogers says “including Jerry Sandusky in a random Penn State hockey article comes off as a blatant attempt to ‘cheat’ the system.” (Well, it is an AOL/HuffPo property, so does that surprise anyone? Do you recall HuffPo’s “most legendary act of SEO trolling ever”?)

I’ve asked Sporting News editor-in-chief Garry Howard for comment.

UPDATE: Howard tells Romenesko readers —

It was a SBJ (our sister publication) story that had a reference to revenue Penn State lost because of the Jerry Sandusky scandal. It was legitimate. And “Sandusky” was at the end of the URL.

Sporting News senior digital editor Chris Littmann says the URL flap is “overblown.”

Love this!: “So my ‘Jerry Sandusky Presents: At the Movies’ movie review series isn’t going to fly?”

ALSO: Look what Bleacher Report did this week.

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