Evening report

Take that, BuzzFeed!
* BuzzFeed: Washington Post civil war breaks into public view. (buzzfeed.com) | (@monicahesse)
* “Today’s paper was made in my kitchen” because of gunman threat on campus. (thepost.ohiou.edu)
* Philadelphia Newspaper Guild and the papers’ owners reportedly have a deal. (phillymag.com)
* Philly union leader and gossip columnist Dan Gross writes his farewell column. (philly.com)
* Wall Street Journal says it was targeted by Chinese hackers, too. (wsj.com)
* CNET will no longer select the official “Best of Show” awards at CES. (theatlanticwire.com) | Blame CBS. (ajr.org)
* Paul Schrader: “I spent an hour and a half on the phone with the New York Times fact-checker and…” (slanthere.com)
* Fox News reporter fights to keep Colorado theater shooting sources confidential. (AP via denverpost.com)
* Alan Wolfe: Why I was dropped from The New Republic. (chronicle.com)
* Eddie Timanus is blind, but that doesn’t stop him from covering sports for USA Today. (washingtonian.com)
* “I’ve been at CBS longer than God,” jokes “48 Hours” producer Susan Zirinsky. (cbswatchmagazine.com)
* Dave Lieber: How to survive 20 years as a Texas newspaperman without voodoo. (watchdognation.com)
* Donald Trump dreams of someday being able to fire Paul Krugman. (capitalnewyork.com)
* George Washington U. paper’s new feature: “What the University Won’t Talk About This Week.” (gwhatchet.com)