Meet the most enthusiastic newspaper owner in America (‘We have reporters on the scene!’)

Alan Smolinisky, who recently paid seven figures for the Palisadian-Post, has never used Facebook or Twitter, spends five hours a day “reading newspapers the old-tech way”alan and doesn’t get much done when he’s in the newsroom. Here’s why: “I sort of worship the writers and just like to watch them and listen to what they are up to.”

Martha Groves reports the 33-year-old publisher (pictured here) “recently high-fived the staff for posting updates of a rush-hour street closure.”

What Smolinisky says:

“I have a moral obligation to make sure this newspaper arrives every Thursday for as long as I live.”

“I love knowing everything going on everywhere in the world.”

“All the other papers are so serious and scary. The Palisadian-Post was never like that. It always had this hyper-local, fun attitude of ‘we are the luckiest people on Earth to live in such an amazing, crime-free community.'”

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