Morning report

* Chinese hackers have attacked the New York Times for months. ( | Anti-virus software maker Symantec doesn’t look good here. (
link* Small-business owners say LinkedIn helps them far more than Twitter. (
* Three men are accused of burglarizing the homes of vacationing Los Angeles Times subscribers. (
* E.W. Scripps’ Record Searchlight says it’s going to disclose an anonymous commenter’s name at a court hearing today. (
* Burlington Free Press offers its “profoundest apologies” after screwing up on the comics and puzzles for two straight days. (
* The secrets to not being a terrible writer; a Q&A with Ben Yagoda. (
* Daily Beast’s David Frum vs. WSJ’s James Taranto. (
* Jon Stewart grills Al Gore about his Current TV/Al Jazeera deal. (
* New York Observer’s favorite #BuzzFeedNewYorker tweets. (
* In South Africa, vandals are “bringing newspapers into disrepute” by putting the F word on posters. (
* Reader query: “Do you know of any Nielsen type rating system that exists for newspaper mutli-media content?” Let Michael Goldberg know, please.