Does anyone still use newspapers to check movie times?

Malco Theaters chain is no longer advertising its movie times in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
“Give me a break @ArkansasOnline,” tweets Matt F. Martin, reacting to the Dem-Gazette’s house ad on the right. “It’s 2013, people check movie listings on smartphone.” (However, the operator who answered the number on this ad told me “there’s been lots of calls” since Monday.)

From 1999: Question of the day — Does anyone still get movie times from newspapers? (Many people said they did.)

Also from 1999: “The top two U.S. theater chains, Regal Entertainment Group and AMC Entertainment Inc., have begun in recent months to reduce or eliminate the small-type listings showing the start times for movies at individual theaters. Theaters typically must pay newspapers to print that information.”

I’ve asked Arkansas Democrat-Gazette advertising director Scott Stine about the loss of the theater ads. (He referred me to colleague Crystal Thurman. I’ve emailed her.)

UPDATE: How my Facebook friends and subscribers get their movie times. (“Google’s listings are pretty good now.”)

* Does anyone still get movie times from newspapers? (
* Movie theaters cut newspaper listings (