Morning report

* Exclusive, breaking and other words that journalists should stop using. (
breaking* “Apparently it is a layoffs bloodbath today at my old employer MarketWatch.” (@etftrendwatcher)
* Ed Koch’s grave marker has the last words of slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl: “My father is Jewish, my mother is Jewish, I am Jewish.” (
* Appeals court says a journalist doesn’t have the legal right to an AIG consultant’s report. (
* WSJ says of its quirky front page A-hed feature: “Being silly six days a week is hard work, but it’s worth it.” (
* Is the founder of TruthOut telling the truth about having a staff of 14? (
* Star-Ledger editorial: Tina Renna isn’t your typical blogger and she shouldn’t be forced to reveal sources. (
* How did struggling Poynter do in 2012 after losing millions in 2011? Its president won’t say. (
* “Really CNN? A custom Hyundai ad featuring your morning ‘journalists’? Nice objectivity.” (@craignewman)