[UPDATED] Greensboro News & Record misspells its new owner’s name on page one

* Buffett media buys News & Record (news-record.com) | News & Record front page (newseum.org)

(Disclosure: I once left a T out of Buffett’s name in a headline.)

UPDATE: “Mr. Buffett, I’m sorry,” writes News & Record editor Jeff Gauger. “I wish I could blame the error on a computer problem” but…

Alas, no. Our Buffett error was a human failure. Worse, a multiple human failure.

A copy editor wrote the headline. Four additional copy editors or designers touched the story file or the page before publication. “Buffet” zipped through.

And, Buffett’s name was correct in the story itself. The first two words of that story after the dateline? “Warren Buffett.”

A dumb, dumb, dumb error. Embarrassing.

A buffet involves food.

The new owner is Buffett.

Believe me, our team damned well knows that now.

* Mr. Buffett, I’m sorry (news-record.com)