Weekend Report

* Jay Rosen concedes that newsroom “traditionalists” are right about many things. “But you’re wrong about a lot of things too,” he adds. (pressthink.org)
* Governor tells children: “My greatest fear in the state of Maine: newspapers. I’m not a fan.” (The kids laughed.) (onlinesentinel.com)
* Departing NYT senior editors “represent a range of talents, experience and character traits that will be sorely missed,” writes Margaret Sullivan. (nytimes.com)
* Joe Sexton, one of those departing Times editors, tells New York mag: “Ain’t no room for cowards in journalism at this moment in time.” (nymag.com)
beer* A former Hartford Advocate journalist is now brewing Unemployed Reporter Beer. (“We’ve included chocolate and roasted barley malts that are as dark and bitter as the future of American journalism.”) (ct.com)
* “I never want to work in an office again,” says ex-Vice editor-in-chief Jesse Pearson, who is about to launch his own magazine. (nytimes.com)
* Atlanta Journal-Constitution was ready for the Falcons to go all the way. (A book deal “now sits in a file cabinet in my office,” writes the ME.) (ajc.com)
* Comments-hater Steve Kelley writes his farewell Seattle Times column — and commenters are kind. (seattletimes.com) | Kelley wants comments eliminated. (geekwire.com)
* UNC Daily Tar Heel editor cringes at the term student newspaper; it “undermines credibility by lowering expectations.” (dailytarheel.com)
* Century-old Fort Hays State newspaper folds after running out of money. (ljworld.com)
* Chattanooga Times Free Press says it has to “rely more heavily on readers and subscribers” because of ad declines. (chattanoogan.com)
* Three Boston Globe veterans move on. (dankennedy.net)
blondie* Duluth editor: The Sunday “Blondie” is billed at $62.01 per week. By contrast, “Hi and Lois” costs $32.22, and “Beetle Bailey” only $11.67. (duluthnewstribune.com)
* “Love the title [‘Drudge Report: 1943’] on this photo,” writes Romenesko reader Tom Kwas. (shorpy.com)
* Graffiti artists do a job on on the wall of Nick Denton’s “swanky SoHo loft.” (nypost.com) | The “damage”: (@choire)