Cover of Gannett paper’s arts-and-entertainment tabloid gets a G-rated makeover

The first version of the Times of Acadiana cover, which showed nude sculpture, resulted in a few phone calls and emails to the paper last Thursday, I’m told. (The Times is a weekly arts-and-entertainment tabloid published by The Advertiser in Lafayette, La.) By Friday morning, a no-penis cover was printed and distributed to newsstands. “No word on how much it cost the Gannett publication to reprint thousands of new, G-rated copies of the beloved tabloid,” reports IND Monthly.

Kris Wartelle, who wrote the story about the art exhibit, tells me: “We heard some objection to the cover, but what I heard talking to people is they thought it was art, the cover was fine and they weren’t sure why we changed it.”

Cindy Hamilton of the Hilliard University Art Museum says she conducts tours and has yet to hear a complaint about the statue. “The newspaper has to keep their advertisers and everybody happy,” she says of the cover change. “[The controversy] is free advertising for us.”


* New Hilliard exhibit is “C’est Magnifique” (