Evening report

* Facebook turns nine today. (firstpost.com) | Harvard Crimson in Feb. 2004: Mark Zuckerberg said he didn’t create his new website, thefacebook.com, with the intention of generating revenue. (thecrimson.com)
* The evolution of New York Times’ Ed Koch obituary. (nytimes.com)
worry* The people behind a Mad Magazine documentary have just four days to raise $18,000+. (kickstarter.com)
* Noted: There were no corrections in today’s New York Times. (mediabistro.com)
* Al Franken says he only talks to Minnesota news outlets. (politico.com)
* Mark McCluskey succeeds Evan Hansen as Wired.com editor-in-chief. (wwd.com)
* Geraldo Rivera considers running for Senate. (nytimes.com)
* Claim: Palm Beach Daily News society writer “makes all journalists look bad.” (gossipextra.com)
* John Paton’s Digital Media First has a new strategy. (paidcontent.org)
* The publisher of Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy and other titles is sold; “layoffs are in progress.” (ocregister.com)
* Gannett shares down – even after the company turns in a decent earnings report. (gannettblog.blogspot.com)
* Read this if you got a malware warning while stopping here. (laobserved.com)