Morning report

* Gannett’s fourth-quarter profit tops analysts’ expectations. (
* Greg Sandoval lands at The Verge after quitting CNET to protest CBS’s editorial interference. (
* David Carr says Journal News’ decision to publish its gun map “lacked a rationale.” (
* Andrew Sullivan & Co. moved over the weekend. ( | (
* Ex-ABC newsman Chris Bury says of Chicago TV news: “It’s not the crap you see in Los Angeles or New York.” (
* Why do the media go easy on Barack Obama? (
STANDBY* Will Leitch: CBS’s outage coverage “was like watching a cable news program fill time while waiting for a public official to start a press conference.” (
* A look at what happens when reporters get their “news” from trade associations. (
* WaPo’s Dana Milbank: “That looks like heckling to me” at Newtown meeting. (
* Greg Gumbel doesn’t tweet, have a Facebook account or read sports blogs. (
* Prince George’s schools consider a copyright plan that takes ownership of students’ work. (
* Social-gaming company Zynga has 3,000 employees; the firm that makes Minecraft has just 29. (