We need an investigative reporter or two on the media beat

Doree Shafrir on how media reporting has changed in the social-media era (and why we’re not getting the full story on the New York Times buyouts):

Doree Shafrir

Doree Shafrir

The pressure to be first has only gotten more intense, and often that breaking of news, particularly in media, is taking place on Twitter. And for a young reporter, what used to be the rewards of the media beat — getting to know everyone in media very quickly, often because they’re calling you up to yell at you, and then gaining their respect, and then eventually moving on — seem less vital in the age of the at-reply.

Gawker media reporter Hamilton Nolan tweets: “To Doree’s story I’d add that the decline of media reporting came with the rise of traffic stats. Nobody reads it.”

“There are still great media reporters covering the minutiae of the Times,” writes Joe Pompeo.

* What’s the real story behind the New York Times buyouts? (buzzfeed.com)