Morning report

* Some of the names on Newsweek’s subscription list have been sold to Time. (
* Time Inc. layoffs will cost $60 million. (
* Rupert Murdoch: “Chinese still hacking us, or were over weekend.” (@rupertmurdoch)
* Chris Hughes aims to make The New Republic profitable by 2015. (
dick* Fox News cuts ties with Dick Morris (at left). (
* GQ’s Mike Hainey: “I grew up loving newspapers because it was a way to love my father,” a Sun-Times newsman. (
* All 3 reporters in MarketWatch’s Chicago bureau are let go. (
* Journalists say they’re happy consulting or writing for blogs owned directly by brands. (“Having a budget to pay writers is amazing.”) (
* “Never seen a news outlet depict a crash using cartoon vehicles over a map.” (And they’re not even the right vehicles!) (@Danny_Valentine)
* Pulitzer-winner’s dog blog is more of an obsession/hobby than a business. (
* Podcast: C.W. Anderson on metro newspapers’ decline. (
* Easy-listening Muzak is now Mood Media. (
* CBS Sports’ Sean McManus on the Super Bowl blackout and a “fleeting expletive.” ( | No post-Super Bowl lift for CBS. (