RIP Annette Buchanan, reporter who protected her pot-smoking sources in the ’60s

In 1966, Oregon Daily Emerald managing editor Annette Buchanan wrote about marijuana use at the University of Oregon. Her story, headlined “Students Condone Marijuana Use,” reported that as many as 400 students at the university smoked pot.

Annette Buchanan as a college journalist

Annette Buchanan as a college journalist

The D.A. — a former Emerald staffer, according to the Harvard Crimson — saw the 20-year-old journalist’s story and demanded she reveal the names of the seven pot-smoking students she interviewed. Buchanan refused and was fined $300.

The student editor appealed her case to the Oregon Supreme Court, which didn’t buy her claim that she was protected under the state’s constitution. However, her loss prompted Oregon lawmakers to pass a shield law in 1971.

Buchanan went on to marry news photographer Mike Conard — she met him at her trial — and do some copy editing for the Oregonian while running a raspberry farm in Sandy, Ore.

The Daily Emerald reports that its crusading former managing editor died on Feb. 1. She was 67.

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