Morning report

emailChicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn defends the email interview: “Reporters have a right to ask tough questions. But they don’t have a right to dictate the medium of the answers.”

Since so many people are wary of being misquoted or blurting out an infelicity that goes viral, email is a comforting medium for those who want to be sure they say exactly what they want to say and have a written record of what they have said.

* In defense of the besieged email interview (

* Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News union members vote 200-35 to approve a contract that includes a 2.5% pay cut. (
* New York Times Co. CEO Mark Thompson says he’s working on a new strategy for the company. (
* AOL reports a surprise gain in revenue. ( | (
* News Corp.’s The Daily was “a great success in most respects,” says Robert Thomson. (
* TV station digitally erases Fargo Forum’s downtown sign. (
* SF Weekly editor settles his Super Bowl bet with Baltimore City Paper. (
* Deborah Needleman’s first issue of T: The New York Times Style Magazine has Lee Radziwill on the cover. (
* CNNer to Chris Christie: I was fat like you at one time; listen to the doctors. (
* The Diamondback bends a rule and lets its online editor author a campus senate bill. (
* Idaho pol’s spokesman is fired for tweeting “Me likey Broke Girls” after seeing Super Bowl ad. (
* Sports journalist: I might be the only gay man who can recite the final scores of all 47 Super Bowls. (
* Pulitzer-winner George Dohrmann and others discuss the state of sports journalism. (
* Principal confiscates copies of high school newspaper, saying a campus safety article could cause panic. (
* Where’s that robot with a feather duster that 20th-century journalists said would be around by now? (