Daily Archives: February 9, 2013

* Miami New Times debates whether to help Major League Baseball. (
* NPR scrubs ESPNer Howard Bryant’s remark about Lance Armstrong and the NRA. (
* The Smoking Gun editor: “We certainly thought hard about using some of the [George W. Bush] stuff” obtained by hacker “Guccifer.” (
* Check out today’s snow-related front pages at (
* Wall Street Journal and New York Times drop their paywalls because of the storm. (
* Police investigate attacks involving an editor of a 2,100-circulation paper in Georgia. (AP via
* Alec Baldwin scolds his listeners for complaining about Jill Abramson’s voice. (@ABFalecbaldwin) | Earlier: Abramson appears on Baldwin’s “The Next Big Thing.” (
* A good novelist uses the reporting skills of a good journalist. (
* A Washington reporter’s guide to the most indistinguishable politicians. (
* A j-prof on the dangers of a sanitized press and a sanitized education. (
* Redditors are having fun with Fox News using a same-sex couple on its story about traditional marriage. ( | (
* Dan Reimold’s report from Journalism Interactive 2013. (
* A journalist-seminarian’s worlds are colliding this semester. (