Jonah Lehrer is discussing his plagiarism scandal on Tuesday

* Watch Lehrer’s speech here at 12:30 p.m. ET or shortly after.

“I saw that Jonah Lehrer is going to be speaking at [Knight Foundation’s] #infoneeds,” Dan Pacheco tweeted this evening. “Is this to be an Oprah-esque confessional like Lance Armstrong?”

It might be.
“Yes he is going to speak about decision-making — including the bad decision-making that caused him to wreck his journalism career,” Knight Foundation spokesman Andrew Sherry tells Romenesko readers.

Lehrer is the closing lunch speaker Tuesday at Knight’s Media Learning Seminar 2013.

I told Sherry I was surprised that there’s no mention of Lehrer’s serial plagiarism in the bio that Knight prepared for this three-day event.

His response:

You’re absolutely right about the bio, it should have central mentions of plagiarism. Those will be a central part of his introduction tomorrow, and he has pledged to address them directly. Hoping it will lead to a thought-provoking discussion that will leave #infoneeds crowd more savvy about developing the promise and minimizing the perils of journalism projects — please watch the livestream to see.

* Knight Foundation Media Learning Seminar 2013

UPDATE: One of Lehrer’s friends has some questions for the disgraced writer.