Morning report

* “Obama may be the least newspaper-friendly president in a generation,” writes Paul Farhi. “When Obama does media interviews these days, it’s not with a newspaper. TV gets the bulk of the president’s personal attention.” (
obama* How four newspapers are turning ideas into dollars. (
* Anyone who has had their newspaper stolen off their porch (or from their apartment lobby) will appreciate this piece: (
* Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover is leaked. “We are investigating it,” says a Time Inc. rep. (
* Noted: 18 million women read that annual Sports Illustrated issue. (
* “Rational voices are scared off” by nasty commenters, so the Miami Herald starts using Facebook Comments. (
* Hey, Google Plus, we’ve found a celebrity spokesman for you! (Gavin Newsom says he prefers G+ over Facebook.) (
* NBC’s G4 network is being changed to the Esquire Network – “an upscale Bravo for men.” (
* Howard Finberg: “In 1993 I collected more than 150 front pages from around the world for a single day: Wednesday, Feb. 10.” They’re posted here: (
* Jeff Himmelman discusses his Frank Ocean Times Magazine cover story. (“This was my first profile of a ‘celebrity.'”) (
* Hearst’s online magazines are getting a new look. (
* Anderson Cooper is No. 1 in the “Media and Publishing” category of WSJ’s new NYIndex. (
* Ben Schott drops me a note about his “Java Jive” op-art piece in yesterday’s New York Times. (