Today’s newspaper appointments

Newspaper moves:

* Carl Hulse is named Washington editor at the New York Times. (David Leonhardt is still bureau chief.) (
* Former Washington Times editor-in-chief Wesley Pruden is named the paper’s Commentary editor. (

* Steve Gunn leaves the Charlotte Observer to become editor of Capital Gazette Communications in Annapolis, MD. (

* Cameron Barr is promoted to national editor at the Washington Post. The memo announcing his appointment is after the jump.

From: Jennifer Crandell
Date: February 11, 2013, 2:15:32 PM EST
To: NEWS – All Newsroom
Subject: Staff News: Cameron Barr, National Editor

We are pleased to announce that Cameron Barr will become our new National

Cameron is one of our most respected newsroom leaders, an accomplished
journalist with superb judgment and a caring manner. As the deputy National
editor for the past year, he has helped to ensure that our news report has
been competitive, authoritative and engaging. He provided a steady and
reassuring hand on those high-strung nights of primaries, debates and that
little thing called the presidential election. He is cool in a crisis, as
his handling of the Aurora and Newtown mass shootings demonstrated. And he
has promoted (and sometimes edited) the long-form narratives that are a
defining feature of Post journalism.

One of Cameron’s favorite words is rigor: he wants us all to strive for
perfection in everything we publish, from blog post to investigative series
to produced video. His ambitions for what the National staff can achieve—on
every platform–are boundless, and he has worked to build relationships
across the newsroom and continue to enhance his digital knowledge. Above
all, he has steadily pushed for journalism that has impact. The streams of
coverage he guided as national security editor–on drones, the war in
Afghanistan and torture, to name a few–are testament to that ambition.

Cameron joined The Post in 2004 as a general assignment reporter in
Montgomery County. He served as the Middle East editor on the Foreign desk
from 2006 to 2009, before becoming national security editor. Prior to
joining The Post, he was a foreign correspondent for The Christian Science
Monitor in Tokyo and Jerusalem, where he was a Pulitzer finalist for his
coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In earlier incarnations he
worked at The American Lawyer magazine under Steve Brill, for a suburban
daily in New Jersey and on the network news desk at NBC News.

He comes to this new assignment with great discipline and a lot of verve.
Cameron is known as a devoted, lunchtime CrossFit exerciser with a
commitment to the “caveman” diet. Hand-stand pushups? No problem.

Please join us in congratulating Cameron on his new position.

Marty Kevin