Wall Street Journal calls NYIndex ‘a first-of-its-kind ranking’

The Wall Street Journal launched its NYIndex: Our Guide to Who’s Up and Who’s Down this morning; editors describe it as “a first-of-its-kind ranking that tracks people in real time and scores their influence based on key measures.” A WSJ memo thanks 33 people for their work on NYIndex.

From: Martin, Alex
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2013 9:14 AM
To: WSJ All News Staff
Subject: NYIndex


Today we launched the NYIndex: The Wall Street Journal’s Empirical Guide to Power, Fame and Infamy. We believe it’s a first-of-its-kind ranking that tracks people in real time and scores their influence based on key measures.
There are countless folks across the newsroom who helped, and we’d like to mention core team members here:

The tech contingent was instrumental in taking data feeds from Factiva and bringing them to life with a dynamic “index” that tracks almost 300 people. There were lots of challenges along the way — some requiring early-morning calls to Bulgaria to help with Factiva’s programming. This simply couldn’t have happened without Jovi Juan, Roger Kenny, Palani Kumanan, Kurt Wilberding and Anatoliy Zaslavskiy. Keeping it all on track were project managers David Biderman and Nabanita Chakraborty./CONTINUES

The Greater New York staff has been involved from Day One in compiling names, writing thumbnail bios and fact-checking. Jackie Bischof managed much of this effort, and Carrie Melago and Aaron Rutkoff helped with the fine-tuning. A special shout-out to Taylor Umlauf, who pulled and sized all the photos for the database.

On the social-media side, Liz Heron gave invaluable assistance throughout, especially on the People’s Pick voting app and ongoing Twitter campaign. Thanks also to the social-media team for updating the Twitter handles of the NY influencers.

Jim Oberman helped with research as we gathered key names to be included in the index, and Chris Hardesty created WSJ.com Topics pages for the influencers.

Thanks to all the writers who added this to their daily duties, including Jason Gay, Anne Kadet, Ralph Gardner Jr., Pia Catton, Sumathi Reddy, V.L. Hendrickson, Laura Kusisto, Lisa Fleisher, Michael Howard Saul and Richard Morgan. And to Joel Cadman, who designed the print section with an assist from Tomaso Capuano; photo editors Tracy Armstead, Jon Protas and Tania Colon; and graphics editors Brett Taylor and Kat Tam. Special thanks to Wade Lambert for helping guide this ship.

Lastly, our deepest appreciation goes to Beth DeCarbo, who figured out how to make a vague, floundering idea work and set the broad outlines that the rest of us just colored in.

The end result of all these efforts is a dynamic index that’s loaded with information and a lot of fun to use.

Alex Martin, Raju Narisetti and John Seeley