Morning report

* Jonah Lehrer’s speech “wasn’t quite Lance Armstrong on ‘Oprah,’ but…” (
* Technology reviews site gdgt has been acquired by AOL. ( | (
* Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen joins Washington Post’s opinion team. (
* TV critic Hank Stuever reviews the State of the Union address. ( | Tom Shales reviews it, too. (
* Just-launched New York Times ad program uses the paper’s archives dating back to 1851. (



* Andrea Tantaros has become Fox News’s new “It” girl. (
* Washington Post book critic makes fun of NYT’s piece. (@RonCharles) | @sree learned from it, though. (@sree)
* Jim Roberts, who joined Reuters after taking NYT’s buyout, chats with Nieman Journalism Lab. (
* Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin hockey writer is accused of making up quotes. (
* Dan Gainor scolds the media for its coverage of Marco Rubio’s water break. ( | The pause that refreshes — and prompts a flood of tweets. (
* Will lawsuits prompt media companies to pay student interns? (
* Financial Times turns 125. The paper “has been held up as a rare success story,” writes Lucia Moses. (
* Check out the old photos that Chicago Tribune staffers recently found. (
* Look out, Timex! Bloomberg reports 100 people are working on Apple’s new watch. (