Toledo Blade managing editor disses Deadspin

“I’m quivering with rage right now,” Deadspin editor Tommy Craggs writes in an email with a link to this John Koblin tweet: “The Toledo Blade is more trustworthy than Deadspin bc they employ “professional” journalists, says @BladeManagingEd.”

Deadspin’s Doug Brown had a long investigative piece yesterday about sexual harassment claims against a University of Toledo coach who recently resigned. In the comments section of today’s Blade story today on the coach, managing editor Dave Murray writes what I think is a cheap blast against Deadspin:

The difference between the coverage of this story by The Blade and Deadspin is that [Blade reporter Ryan] Autullo is a professional journalist who has named sources and you can believe what he reports.

“I think I get Murray’s frustration,” writes Dylan Byers. “As editor of a venerable, 175-year-old newspaper, it can be hard to lose a local story [emailers note the Blade has been on the story for some time; Byers has updated his post] it to a bunch of profanity-loving kids from New York. But the inability to accept that Deadspin is a legitimate news outlet — and a strong one at that — is so archaic and tin-eared I’m surprised Murray could even figure out how to post it online.”


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