Morning report

* Tesla’s CEO goes after New York Times for John Broder’s review of his car. ( | (
* Hacker News: It appears the auto critic “was hell-bent on ripping Tesla a new one.” (
* What will NYT Co.’s financial condition be in 2016? Ken Doctor looks at the numbers. (
* Los Angeles Times is getting rid of its TV grid in the print edition. (
* Of course Marty Peretz doesn’t care for Chris Hughes’s “new” New Republic. (
dog* How journalism awards are like dog shows: “The tendency among judges was to reward entries that were different, cutting edge, not the same old good stuff,” says one editor/judge. (
* CNN gets a ratings boost from SOTU address and Dorner coverage. (
* “The Vatican is a tough beat even for seasoned reporters,” writes UPI’s former Rome bureau chief. (
* More newspapers are refusing to use “Redskins.” (
* Poor password security is blamed in Emergency Alert System hack that sent out zombie warnings. (reuters via
* Washington Post obits writer: There’s now a sandwich named after me! (
* It’s apparently OK to interrupt Bob Woodward if you see him at an airport reading a newspaper. (@racefortheprize)
* Emerson journalism student campaigns to get on “Today” while it’s in Boston. (
* Pakistani regulator warns the media about promoting Valentine’s Day. (