Afternoon report

*’s contract with News Corp. ends at year’s end. Potential buyers are already calling. (
d* Why Elon Musk vs. New York Times won’t end well for Tesla. ( | (
* A new strategy? CNN is virtually all Poop Cruise, all the time. ( | Drudge notices it, too. ( | A ratings win for CNN. (
* New York Times profiles Ben Smith, “the boy wonder of BuzzFeed.” (
* The new New Republic is different from the old, but not as different as Marty Peretz thinks. (
* Facebook: Our systems were targeted in a sophisticated attack last month. (
* “House of Cards” character may not be a good journalist, but she’s a good career-climber. (
wolff* Michael Wolff (right) loses Twitter followers after appearing on HuffPost Live. (
* Video ads are getting longer, and people are apparently okay with that. (
* Chicago’s Fox affiliate pulls a bait-and-switch on Facebook. (
* Who’s sending fake lesbian wedding announcements to small papers? (