Lee Enterprises lays off 10% of Provo Daily Herald staff, including top editor

Lee Enterprises, which has given huge raises and bonuses to its CEO, just laid off the executive editor at its paper in Provo, Utah. (Nine days ago, Lee laid off 10% of the Daily Herald’s workforce.)
Randy Wright, the pink-slipped executive editor, had been with the paper for 11 years.

I phoned Lee headquarters in Davenport to get a comment about the layoffs, knowing that they would (again!) duck my call. A secretary told me this morning that communications vice president Dan Hayes was “unavailable,” and news vice president Joyce Dehli “is in a meeting and is pretty booked up today.” I also left a message for Provo Daily Herald publisher Rona Rahlf.

Lee, which owns the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and many other papers, is in such terrible shape that even Warren Buffett — one of the few investors who still likes newspapers — is distancing himself from the company.

NOTE: I’m looking for a Romenesko reader to cover next week’s Lee annual meeting and ask a few tough questions. (You’ll probably have to be a shareholder to get in.) Let me know if you’re interested.

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