‘It was a very long day,’ says reporter with bylines on 3 of Miami Herald’s 4 page one stories

There are four stories on the front page of today’s Miami Herald and three have Hannah Sampson bylines.

How the heck did that happen?

Hannah tells Romenesko readers:

I don’t want to bore you with too many details, but I’ll just break down how yesterday went (it was a Very Long Day).

Three 1A bylines are definitely a record for me; my previous record was two solo bylines on the front last April, and I was a total dork about how excited that made me. But I was not alone in cranking those stories out yesterday.bylines I wrote the Presidents’ Day tourism story and American Airlines merger piece, but I had help on the latter. My editor, Jane Wooldridge, and one of our interns, Maria LaMagna, gave me feeds from passengers at the airport and industry experts that I wove into the piece, and we also had input from the Public Insight Network.

For the Carnival story, Jane and Rochelle Koff (who works in Tallahassee) did all the heavy lifting and writing. I was just an assist on that one — I’ve been covering it since earlier in the week — but they were gracious enough to include me in the byline.

I was involved in all those stories because I cover tourism for the business section, a beat that includes cruise lines, airlines and hotels. It just so happened that Thursday was extraordinarily busy on all those fronts and the editors decided each of those stories warranted 1A placement. While the beat keeps me busy, this was definitely not a typical day (thank goodness)!

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(h/t Bill Cooke)