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* Pulitzer contender? This coffee takedown was actually a three-parter (

From the September 7, 2005 Chronicle:

At times, San Francisco’s attention to matters of the palate takes amusing turns. In what other city would a major daily newspaper put a culinary quest on the front burner — and the front page? The San Francisco Chronicle did, with a February 18, 1963, banner that screamed “A Public Disgrace — The Terrible Coffee in S.F.’s Restaurants.” The story itself was headlined, “A Great City’s People Forced to Drink Swill.”

The crusade continued for several weeks. The results: Street sales of the newspaper soared — and the coffee served in upscale restaurants improved markedly.

* What other newspaper would use a word like “swill” to describe bad coffee in a front-page headline? (


Did you read the lead of your story, ABC News? Here it is:

Scroll down to the 12th paragraph:watching
Keyword here: educational.

* TV can improve kids’ behavior, study finds (

Letter to Romenesko

internet2From DANNY GRONER: I’m interested in learning whether the old style of capitalizing the word “Internet” is still the way to go in this day and age. We’ve budged on “Web site” and similar nomenclature, so why would the capital I continue to rule the day?

Even if old style sheets continue to preach the capital I, I wondered if any news outlets have opted to violate this traditional rule and lower-cased their Is. I thought you might be of some help as I try to make the case that my company’s articles and literature should make a move in the lower-case direction.

Have you come across any evidence that lower-casing “Internet” as a rising style?

I’ve noticed that tech sites have embraced the lower-case i. What’s your newsroom’s style?

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* The latest Entertainment Weekly says a new documentary “is for hardcore Dahmer obsessives only.” I ran into those people 21 years ago. (my_magazine_work)