Morning report

* Politico says Obama’s a master at “limiting, shaping and manipulating” his media coverage. ( | Congratulations, Politico, you’ve learned how PR works. (@robpegoraro)
* Obama goes off-the-record with “frustrated” White House press corps. (
* NYT public editor: I’m convinced John Broder took on the Tesla test drive in good faith, but… (
* Jay Rosen on the rise of niche journalism and other changes in the news business. (
mags* Meet the men who sell newspapers, magazines and candy at NYC newsstands. (
* David Axelrod joins NBC News as a senior political analyst. (
* Katherine Bouton: I managed to work at the NYT for 22 years after losing hearing in one ear. (
* Mississippi paper’s page one story about a same-sex wedding prompts “hate-filled” backlash. (
* Exec at Advance’s Alabama Media Group: We expected a decrease in print circulation, but Sunday circ is up 1%. (
* Felix Salmon apologizes for “an ill-advised detour into gender politics” in a blog post last week. (
* Pretty in pink: NYT’s Brian Stelter and David Carr before their social media talk. (@Rasiej) | Watch them (and others) here: (
* Four Mardi Gras floats poke fun at the Times-Picayune. (