A newspaper’s nightmare error

The councilman is not a sex offender. A college newspaper’s retraction:

-- From The Oswegonian

— From The Oswegonian

toddI called Michael Todd (at left) this afternoon to see if he was satisfied with the retraction. “I’ve been advised by my attorney not to comment on this in any way at all,” he said. The councilman said he’ll be meeting with the lawyer later today and will ask him to call me with a comment.

I’ve invited Aimee Hirsch, editor of the Oswego State student newspaper, to comment.

UPDATE — Hirsch sends this email:

I would have to agree with you that this is a newspaper’s worst nightmare, especially for us since, as a student newspaper, one of our primary goals is learning and developing our skills for future careers in journalism. My newspaper staff and I have been sick with grief over this error, and feel terrible about what Todd and his family are going through because of it. At this point we are doing what we can to remedy the situation. We are trying to learn from this so we can improve our editing process and make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

* Retraction from Feb. 15 issue (oswegonian.com)
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