Evening report

* What the hell?! A Department of Transportation employee faced dismissal after praising his employer in a newspaper interview. He decided to retire and not fight the charges. “What I tell people now is, it’s a story that you just can’t believe,” says Mike Fayette, who worked at the New York State DOT for 29 years. “It’s just so incredible that you’d think you were making it up.” (adirondackdailyenterprise.com) | (pressrepublican.com)
globe* When I buy the Boston Globe… (live.boston.com) | Will Aaron Kushner go for it? (dankennedy.net)
* China censors WSJ story about a top state banker’s stalled career. (blogs.wsj.com)
* Andrew Sullivan discusses how readers – not advertisers – are financing his independent website. (nytimes.com)
* Daily Texan faces life-or-death financial troubles. (dailytexanonline.com)
* Assignmint takes care of all the stuff that freelancers don’t want to deal with. (pandodaily.com)
* “You can get a pretty good idea of the journalism-innovation zeitgeist just by looking at who Knight is funding at any given moment.” (niemanlab.org)
* Longtime Patch-watcher Nicholas Carlson: “Making Patch more of a Web-tool for locals is a smart move. …[but] it sucks to hear about people getting fired. (businessinsider.com)
* Crybabies at Politico are sent back to the crib. (thenation.com)
* Newsrooms are sending me their “Harlem Shake” videos. Here are productions from KSLA-TV, the Sun Sentinel, and the Intelligencer.