A ‘South Park’ character robbed Kroger?!

The funniest thing I’ve seen today: Bloomington (Ill.) Pantagraph readers’ comments about this sketch of a Kroger grocery store robber, which ran in yesterday’s paper. (The snark comes from the Pantagraph’s website and Facebook page.)
* “Next time I see a nintendo mii character running around the twin cities, ill call the cops.”
* “It’s a sketch of the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz!!! Obviously!!”

Police sketch of robbery suspect

Police sketch of robbery suspect

* “This guy should be readily recognizable to anyone who faithfully watches reruns of ‘Rocky The Flying Squirrel’. And no, I’m not gonna give any more clues.”
* “Get a new sketch artist already, my infant grand daughter could do better than that!”
* “So, it was The Great Cornholio?”
* “I seen this guy on a video game I think.”
* “What I would do is put some definition to it to at least make it look like a person versus an alien-looking humanoid.”
* “So let me get this straight… there were Eyebrows? yes, oh yes, eyebrows. What about eyes? Yeah, I think there were those. A nose? Oh heck yes. What about a mouth? Mmmmmm… no… well, yeah, maybe. How about a neck? No… but the sweatshirt looked embedded into the skin where one might find a neck. Thanks! That was a big help, we’ll have this guy in no time!”

I asked Pantagraph humor columnist Bill Flick what he thought of the sketch. His response: “My God, is that Ray Bolger?”

* Police department releases images of robbery suspects (pantagraph.com)
* Read the comments about the sketch on the paper’s Facebook page