For ‘Flight’? Maybe some bad chicken and a vomit bag

Letter to Romenesko

From FRED LEONHARDT: Subject — The Oregonian’s Oscar party recipes.

Good thing this isn’t the year of “Schindler’s List.”

[From the Oregonian’s feature]

Baked Falafel Burgers: In the grim CIA thriller “Zero Dark Thirty,”fal a prisoner is given falafel after he begins cooperating with his interrogators. These vegan falafel burgers are perfect party food because they can be assembled ahead of time on a cookie sheet for easy transport, then tossed into the oven once you’re at the Oscar party.

And what better way to celebrate putting the blood back in bloodhound than with a good cocktail?

Sazerac: Quentin Tarantino’s bloody “Django Unchained” seems a tough filmdrink to inspire a potluck dish, until you consider the Southern plantation setting of the film’s final act. The Sazerac is a classic Southern cocktail that’s perfect with the spiciness of the Cajun Jambalaya. What’s an Oscar party without a good cocktail?

* Oscar party potluck dishes, inspired by nominated films (