Morning report

* Fox’s Bob Beckel apologizes for suggesting that rape isn’t a problem on college campuses. (
* Ira Stoll’s list of 25 potential Boston Globe buyers, including Washington Post Co. and ESPN/Disney. ( | Boston Herald has a shorter list. (
time* Steve Brill’s Time cover story, “Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us,” runs 36 pages — the longest single piece ever published by a single writer in the magazine. (
* The Economist is considering an audio-only subscription. (
* Carol Marin to host a Sun-Times online newscast. (
* HuffPost Live video views have grown from 15.6 million in November to 27 million in January. (
* Why won’t the NCAA meet with sports editors? (
* Margaret Sullivan on NYT and the self-satisfied idea of “it’s news when we say it’s news.” (
* “I prefer hiring philosophy or English majors,” Politico’s Charles Mahtesian tells Yale students. (
* Howard Kurtz: Is MSNBC turning into an Obama administration in exile? (
* Atlantic editor-in-chief James Bennet explains the magazine’s redesign. (
* Thank goodness there was a file photo of a parking lot for this parking lot stabbing story! (
* Challenge for Vatican reporters: Figuring out if the smoke is black or white. (
* Would the Jack Daniel’s newsroom have a no-booze policy? (
* Kent State journalism prof proposes a National Apology Day for the press. (