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The Wall Street Journal’s Keach Hagey reports the New York Times Co. received a bid for the Boston Globe of over $100 million last month from a group that includes former Boston Globe and GateHouse Media New England president Rick Daniels and the managing director of Boston Post Partners. The bid remains on the table.
The Times has been in quiet talks with the group for the past year, according to Hagey. “Times Co. Chief Financial Officer Jim Follo facilitated the talks throughout the year by helping the prospective buyers undertake due diligence,” she writes.

The group submitted a formal bid that included the assumption of between $35 million and $45 million of liabilities connected with the Globe’s non-qualified pension plan, in which senior company executives participate. The Times Co. would have kept the larger pension obligations for the rest of the Globe employees on its books, the people said. That would suggest the cash payment the Times would receive could be only around $70 million.

Hagey is told by several sources that the Times was hoping Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp would make an offer for the Globe, “but News Corp.’s ownership of a television station in Boston would rule out purchase of the Globe, given regulatory rules that prohibit companies owning a newspaper and a TV station in the same market.”

* NYT Co. offered more than $100 million for Boston Globe (
* Car dealer Ernie Boch Jr. wants to buy the Globe (

“When you’re where the story is, that’s the dateline.”
Statement of Journalistic Ethics

“Oh, what the hell; let’s just say Jenny’s reporting from The Sun…”

-- Beaver County Times, Feb. 22

— Beaver County Times, Feb. 22

* Scientists spot major activity on the sun (

We now have 27 potential buyers of the Boston Globe. Auto magnate and lifelong Bostonian Ernie Boch Jr., 54, tells Boston Business Journal that he’s partnering with advertising man Bruce Mittman to bid for the Globe. His statement says: “Together they bring the financial resources and decades of experience in media and marketing necessary to make this purchase viable.”

Boch: Boston Globe's next owner?

Boch: Boston Globe’s next owner?

Mittman predicted in a tweet yesterday morning that “the Boston Globe sale is going to end up being the biggest media purchase discount in memory!”

A 2005 Boston magazine profile of Boch says that “no matter what he’s discussing, he speaks with an irrepressible, almost adolescent enthusiasm, and soon you find yourself readily agreeing that whatever he’s raving about really is the greatest thing ever. …He can sell you on anything.” Just what the Globe needs now?

UPDATE: “We have no intention to send the New England Media Group to the slaughterhouse,” a New York Times Co exec told Globe staffers today.

* Ernie Boch Jr. exploring bid to buy Boston Globe (
* 2005 profile: The importance of being Ernie (
* How Boston Globe, up for sale, is navigating its free/paid strategy (

Ten days later it’s announced that she’s going to be the governor’s communications director. Did she know on Feb. 12 — when she did her one-on-one — that she’d be doing PR for him in a few days? I’ve asked.

* NBC-17 reporter hired as Gov. McCrory’s communications director (

UPDATE: Genardo hasn’t responded to my tweet or email, but here’s what she told WFAE (Charlotte) news director Greg Collard:

From: []
Sent: Friday, February 22, 2013 3:18 PM
To: Greg Collard
Subject: Re: question about new job


I covered both of Gov McCrory’s campaigns and NEVER spoke to him or asked about employment. I have integrity.

The outgoing comm director recommended me for the job and I seized the opportunity.

I look forward to answering questions from you and your staff about issues concerning NC.

Call press office with further questions.



Notice that Genardo, a Medill grad, has been tweeting about the governor this week — and not disclosing her new job.

People tell reporters the darndest things.

I learned that as a rookie cops reporter investigating claims that the Milwaukee Police Department was using questionable methods to arrest men for soliciting prostitutes. Guys told me about their hooker budgets (x-dollars per month allowance), why they frequented prostitutes (“not getting it at home,” etc.); and what their fetishes were. (The story landed on the Milwaukee Journal’s front page.)

Earlie Johnson enjoys wine -- and porn

Earlie Johnson enjoys wine — and porn

Today, Jonathan Stoner has an story about the theft of Earlie Johnson’s “priceless” porn collection. The reporter was able to get the crime victim to tell him the darndest things about his lifestyle – and apparently without much convincing. (Did that glass of wine seen in the photo get Johnson to veer into Too Much Information territory?)

“It was worth — to be straight up — $7,500 dollars,” Johnson said of his porn collection. (He says the collection was appraised by the CD Exchange in Holland, but “it was done a couple years ago so they may not remember.”)

The self-described “Hugh Hefner of Muskegon” — “I appreciate all beautiful women. Ain’t no doubt” — says he’s starting over again and bringing his adult-items stash into the 21st century. “I will be getting my porn in Blu-Ray,” Johnson tells Stoner. “The haters aren’t gonna stop me from collecting again. ….“I had a [great] porn collection. I ain’t ashamed of it.”



Stoner tweets this morning: “Sad to say this is my most wildly popular story to date.”

It will be hard to top, too, Jon.

Watch WZZM-TV’s report on the porn-collection theft.

Care to share your stories about sources with Too Much Information. Post them in comments or send them via email.

* “The Hugh Hefner of Muskegon” loses $7,500 porn collection to thief (

hulkWestword media reporter Michael Roberts tells Romenesko readers: “I came across an amazing artifact from the ’80s: ‘The Colorado Caper,’ a full-length Marvel comic starring Spider-Man and the Hulk in an exciting advertorial for the Denver Post and the now-defunct May D&F department store. One of its key plot points involves a Denver Post reporter tricking Dr. Doom after getting a tip from Peter Parker (that’s on page three).”

* Spider-Man and Hulk (and the Denver Post) battle Dr. Doom (

* Rupert Murdoch would be “terrifically interested” in the Boston Globe, says biographer Michael Wolff. ( | Bloomberg’s added as the 26th possible buyer. (
* Globe columnist: “Who knows, maybe Sir Rupert will throw his hat in the ring. Stranger things have happened.” (
* Meet your 2013 Pulitzer judges. (They start their work today.) (
* Washington Post reports 2012 earnings of $131.2 million (17.39 a share) — up 13% from 2011. (

- Indiana Daily Student headline

– Indiana Daily Student headline

* How petty! Scranton’s ABC affiliate refuses to run a Dunder Mifflin ad during the Oscars. ( | Scranton paper’s coverage: (
* Indiana Daily Student editor: Why we have a 120-point, bold headline on page one today. ( | Here’s the PDF version: (
* Andrew Sullivan: “If journalism is not understood to be separate from advertising, then it has lost something incredibly important in a democratic society.” (
* Iowa governor claims the Des Moines Register is waging a campaign against him. (
* Knife-wielding chef who appeared on Boston Phoenix’s cover is arrested for stabbing a man in the leg. (
* CNBC to guests: No same-day appearances on Fox Business or Bloomberg TV. (
* New York Observer staffers are warming up to new editor Ken Kurson, but still cautious. (
* I was wrong. Elon Musk did not discuss the New York Times on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night. (
* How film students made the eagle-snatches-baby video that got 42 million views. (
* Writer Ruth Graham wants NYT to find more people who go to church as a part of their “Sunday Routine.” (