Car dealer Ernie Boch Jr. eyes Boston Globe

We now have 27 potential buyers of the Boston Globe. Auto magnate and lifelong Bostonian Ernie Boch Jr., 54, tells Boston Business Journal that he’s partnering with advertising man Bruce Mittman to bid for the Globe. His statement says: “Together they bring the financial resources and decades of experience in media and marketing necessary to make this purchase viable.”

Boch: Boston Globe's next owner?

Boch: Boston Globe’s next owner?

Mittman predicted in a tweet yesterday morning that “the Boston Globe sale is going to end up being the biggest media purchase discount in memory!”

A 2005 Boston magazine profile of Boch says that “no matter what he’s discussing, he speaks with an irrepressible, almost adolescent enthusiasm, and soon you find yourself readily agreeing that whatever he’s raving about really is the greatest thing ever. …He can sell you on anything.” Just what the Globe needs now?

UPDATE: “We have no intention to send the New England Media Group to the slaughterhouse,” a New York Times Co exec told Globe staffers today.

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