From covering the governor to flacking for him

Ten days later it’s announced that she’s going to be the governor’s communications director. Did she know on Feb. 12 — when she did her one-on-one — that she’d be doing PR for him in a few days? I’ve asked.

* NBC-17 reporter hired as Gov. McCrory’s communications director (

UPDATE: Genardo hasn’t responded to my tweet or email, but here’s what she told WFAE (Charlotte) news director Greg Collard:

From: []
Sent: Friday, February 22, 2013 3:18 PM
To: Greg Collard
Subject: Re: question about new job


I covered both of Gov McCrory’s campaigns and NEVER spoke to him or asked about employment. I have integrity.

The outgoing comm director recommended me for the job and I seized the opportunity.

I look forward to answering questions from you and your staff about issues concerning NC.

Call press office with further questions.



Notice that Genardo, a Medill grad, has been tweeting about the governor this week — and not disclosing her new job.