Sunday report

* We are all Huffington Post now. (LAT beats HuffPo with “What time are the Academy Awards?” hed) ( | (@romenesko)time
* Is the Washington Post “pro-gay”? asks the paper’s ombudsman. (
* Yes, we are pro-fairness and equality, says a Post columnist. (@geneweingarten)
* Why the Washington Post should keep its ombudsman. (
* Ken Layne chats with a veteran journalist who quit Patch and returned to print. (
* San Francisco Chronicle science writer David Perlman, who turned 94 in December, has no plans to slow down. (
* Jack Shafer: “CNN has long possessed the character of no character.” (
* Seattle Times is putting up a paywall in mid-March. Non-subscribers will have “limited access” to its website. (
* Lakers center Dwight Howard on what’s wrong with the media. (
* “This is not your father’s journalism school,” says UNC dean. (
* Controversy surrounds Paolo Pellegrin’s award-winning photography. (democratandchronicle)
* WaPo Josh White on his interviews with a serial killer, a serial rapist, and a serial child molester. (
* Manti Te’o answers questions from a massive media horde. (
* ABC News is in talks with New York Times reporters Jeff Zeleny and Susan Saulny. (
* Investors are heartened by the slowly improving conditions of news businesses. (
* Oops! Make that “cage-free organic chickens,” not chickadees. (