Morning report

* The Onion is under fire for calling a 9-year-old actress the C-word in a tweet. ( | (
* A charter flight to Newport News, Va., for a presidential speech on Tuesday will cost reporters between $1,300 and $4,300. (
alist* Deadspin, The Onion, Nate Silver and eight others make Ad Age’s 2013 Digital A-List. (“I never thought we were just the [Brett Favre] penis site,” says Deadspin’s editor.) (
* Silver did well with his Oscars predictions, getting four out of six right. (
* Former Boston Herald and NYDN editor Kevin Convey is a college student again. (
* “CNN absolutely, positively needed to be changed,” says Soledad O’Brien. (
* The New Yorker looks at how the Newtown Bee covered the Sandy Hook shootings. (
* Mizzou and Nebraska are offering courses in drone reporting. (
* Jeff Zeleny quits the New York Times to become ABC News senior Washington correspondent. (
* Zeke Miller out, Evan McMorris-Santoro in on the BuzzFeed White House beat. (
* Jet defends using a decade-old photo of Fantasia on its cover. (
* Recalling when the Detroit Free Press used the N-word nine times in an article. (
* Glenn Beck wants his Internet channel, The Blaze, on cable systems. (
* Howard Kurtz: It’s hard to dispute that most journalists lean left on gay rights and other social issues. (
* Freedom Forum Diversity Institute cancels a journalism workshop, citing financial difficulties. (
* Hearst’s debut Delish magazine did so well that it’s now a quarterly. (