Daily Archives: February 27, 2013 managing editor Mike Johnston writes:

Many of our crime stories involving robberies include a description of the suspects when provided by police. White, black, Asian, it doesn’t matter. If that description helps with an arrest, we are glad to help.

But lately, when the suspect was black, it brought out the most vile, repulsive and offensive comments we have ever had on our website.

In fact, it has now got to the point that we are turning off commenting on crime stories when they appear on our website.

* Editor: We’re now turning off comments on crime stories (

* Orange County Register changes ad policy after Anaheim politicians complain. (
bobw* “You’re going to regret doing this,” a senior White House official tells Bob Woodward. ( | Woodward at war. (
* “I’ve been feeling grimmer and grimmer about local reporting,” says NYT’s Gail Collins. (
* Santa Barbara news anchor Paula Lopez is missing. ( | (
* Matt Drudge adds to his real estate holdings. He paid $700,000 in cash for his Redland, Fla., neighbor’s property. (
* A Vietnamese journalist working for a state-run newspaper has been fired for criticizing a Communist Party leader in a blog post. (
* Review-Journal’s “Top Workplaces” insert should have been labeled “promotional section,” says Thomas Mitchell. (
* U-T San Diego tells readers how innovative it’s become under “Papa” Doug Manchester. (
* Rocky Mountain News closed four years ago today. (
* Be careful what you ask Chelsea Clinton during your 10-minute — and not a second longer! — phone chat. (
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* How the AP is going to cover the pope’s retirement. (
* Apple has some “great stuff” coming, says CEO Tim Cook. (
* Halifax Media Group announces a realignment of its newspapers. (

Shocking? Unthinkable? How about asking a freelancer to work “65+ hours per week”? Here’s the “Steve Wilkos Show” ad that was deleted earlier today:


This ad was deleted after I linked to it in my Morning Report. Was the position filled? Was the show shamed into pulling the ad? I’ve asked the show’s publicist to return my call.

“I was stupid. Also naive. And I am truly sorry because, as pure gunas my motive for posting the [concealed-carry] list was, it became obvious to me that my tactic was colossally wrong.”

— Arkansas Business editor who posted, then removed a link to a gun list.

* My learning curve: Gwen Moritz’s editor’s note (
* NRA wants to keep gun records secret from everyone except the NRA ( says that New York Times fans who read the paper online at Starbucks “are in luck [because] the paper is offering 15 free articles a day.”

What this story and the Times release don’t say is that Starbucks customers for years have had unlimited free access to the paper by using the Times Reader.

I asked a Times rep what’s happening with that NYT-Starbucks perk and was told:


It is no longer available. We replaced the Times Reader 2.0 experience with this product for users on the Starbucks Digital Network to bring content to a much larger audience and device set. As you may know Times Reader 2.0 is not compatible across many of the platforms our readers and Starbucks patrons use (only Windows, Mac OSX+ and Linux devices meet the system requirements). This solution offers a more responsive and dynamic experience for users on

I then stopped at Starbucks and launched my Times Reader. I was able to read everything from today’s paper for free, and passed that good news along to the Times spokesperson. “Okay, I think the difference is you can’t download the reader via the portal anymore,” I was told.

So apparently I’m in luck because I am not limited to 15 articles a day.

* New York Times gives Starbucks visitors 15 free stories a day (
* NYT offers enhanced access to at Starbucks (press release)

Letter to Romenesko

From GARRY J.: Subject — How didja miss this one? A guy who hated the NYT has a death notice in the NYT saying he hated it. Of course, the article ran in the Post [today] & their headline called wrongly it an obit.

Garry, I *didn’t* miss it. I was the first to point out the line about the Times in the Feb. 2 Times death notice. Also, I see that the British press is having fun with the story I ran on Saturday about a Wisconsin high school class holding its 65-year reunion in a funeral home. You got your wish, Hannah Winston!

“…and there was much rejoicing on copy desks throughout the land,” writes the Romenesko reader who sent the Post link.

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* Gannett declares a 20 cents/share dividend. (
* FYI: A Breitbart Training seminar will be held Friday at a suburban Milwaukee Holiday Inn Express. (